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When it comes to catering for holidays, corporate events, and special occasions, Big Sticky’s BBQ is the perfect choice. From our tender and juicy smoked meats to our delicious array of sides and sauces, we guarantee a feast that will impress even the most discerning palates. Let Big Sticky’s BBQ take your event to the next level with our delectable BBQ offerings, leaving your guests satisfied and raving about the food for days to come!

Give us a call at (636) 775-1820, or stop in today to place your order! Please place your bulk and catering orders at least 1 week prior to your event.

Order your catering for Easter from Big Sticky's!
Big Sticky's BBQ Catering
Pork Steaks for Catering Your Next Event
BBQ Tacos Catering Barbecue Big Sticky's Troy, MO

Let us take care of your next company lunch, family gathering, wedding, or special event!

Catering Plates:

  • Base Price – $16.50 per plate
    Served with your choice of 2 meats, 2 hot sides, and 1 cold side.
  • Meat Choices – Pulled pork or pulled chicken.
    Brisket, pork steak, and ribs are a $3.00 upcharge.
  • Hot Side Choices – Cheesy taters, baked beans, green beans, or mac & cheese.
  • Cold Side Choices – Slaw, potato salad, or pasta salad.

* Servers are paid $15/hour. A 15% gratuity will apply to all orders.

Carry Out:

Meats by the 1/2 pound or pound:
(1 lb feeds appx. 3 people)

  • Pulled Chicken – $10 / $17.50
  • Pulled Pork – $10 / $17.50
  • Brisket – $17.75 / $27.75
  • Full Slab Ribs – $26 / 5 or more $25 ea
  • Pork Steak – $10.50 / 10 or more $9.50 ea
  • Sides by the Pint – $9.00. Choose from cheesy taters, baked beans, mac & cheese, green beans, cole slaw, pasta salad, or potato salad. 
  • Half-Pan Sides – 12-15 Servings
    • Cheesy Taters – $28
    • Mac & Cheese – $24.50
    • Green Beans – $15
    • Baked Beans – $24
    • Cole Slaw – $16.50
    • Pasta Salad – $22
    • Potato Salad – $25.50
  • Full Pan Sides – 45-50 Servings
    • Cheesy Taters – $80
    • Mac & Cheese – $74
    • Green Beans – $45
    • Baked Beans – $72
    • Cole Slaw – $49
    • Pasta Salad – $66
    • Potato Salad – $76.25
  • Buns / Gluten Free – $1 ea
  • Bottle of Sauce (Orig or Spicy) – $8.50 ea
  • Gallon of Sauce (Orig or Spicy) – $68


"My wife ordered the pulled pork sandwich. I ordered the brisket sandwich. Our meals were delivered in a reasonable time, and we were oohing and aahing in no time. Excellent smoke on both sandwiches and the brisket was juicy, which to me is difficult to find in MO. The quantity of meat on our sandwiches was so large that we were unable to finish them. They made a great lunch the next day!... Bottom line, this place ranks number 2 on my list. Great food and nice craft beer draft selection. Went with the Oh Dam burger and well, I’d say they are losing money on that thing. Could have fed 4 people. Took home some burnt ends and corned beef which was fantastic the next day. Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. of best BBQ places in the greater St. Louis area, behind only Salt & Smoke. We will make the drive again because it is that good!"
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