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Unveiling the Secret Sauce of Big Sticky’s BBQ: The Secrets to Running a Successful Small Business

The Lincoln County Podcast Features Derek and Amber of Big Sticky's BBQ

Are you ready to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Big Sticky’s BBQ and meet the family behind Troy’s beloved BBQ joint? Check out the latest YouTube video from the Lincoln County Podcast by Matthew Boyer. In this captivating episode, we dive deep into the origins of Big Sticky’s BBQ and get to know the passionate owners in the BBQ scene: Derek and Amber.

A Delicious Journey Begins

In this episode, Matthew takes us on a journey through the heart of Big Sticky’s BBQ, revealing the beginnings of their ownership, their original vision, and the dedication and hard work that Derek and Amber have poured into Big Sticky’s. From humble beginnings to a bustling Troy, MO BBQ haven, the Feterers share their inspiring story of how it all started—fueled by their passion for creating something truly special for the BBQ dishes that leave customers craving more.

A Vision for the Future

Derek and Amber not only reflect on the past but also paint a vibrant picture of where they see Big Sticky’s BBQ heading in the future. Their vision is clear: to continue delivering top-notch BBQ creations while expanding their reach and delighting even more customers with their irresistible flavors while on-the-go in the “Sticky Bus”, Big Sticky’s Food Truck. The owners’ unwavering commitment to quality and innovation shines through as they share their plans for growth and evolution in the local area.

What’s Cooking at Big Sticky’s BBQ

As you watch the video, you’ll discover what excites Derek and Amber the most about the future of Big Sticky’s BBQ. Whether it’s introducing new menu items, embracing innovative cooking techniques, or fostering a sense of community around their BBQ joint, the Feterers are passionate about taking Big Sticky’s BBQ to new heights while staying true to their roots. Their creativity and drive shine through as they share their plans to keep surprising and delighting their loyal customers.

Come join us on this flavorful adventure and experience the passion, dedication, and sheer deliciousness that define Big Sticky’s BBQ. We can’t wait to welcome you into our BBQ family and share our love for all things smoky, savory, and satisfying!

Note: This blog post is a representation of the content featured in the YouTube video by Matthew Boyer and the Lincoln County Podcast. Please refer to the original video for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Lincoln County Podcast.